Sunday, July 3, 2011

My Week Alone....Time to spend with God Pt. 2

Well its Sunday. Its been a long tiring day!! I cleaned the house and watched some TV and then went for a nice walk to enjoy nature :) I love walking and enjoying Gods creation!! Then I got to go for Tim Hortons Smoothies with some friends. so far this time alone has been good made a flub up on the computer last night. but other then that i've ben good...going to the store tomorrow for lunch and then helping grandma tomorrow :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Week Alone....Time to spend with God

Well this week I'm alone. This is going to interesting. I really hope I don't mess up with the computer. I"m actually really scared. This is the first time I'm all alone!! Usually Grandma and Grandpa are with me but not now because they are in the manner. I just need to remember to keep myself busy. I have most of this week off except for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. :) I also need to remember now that I am alone with no interruptions to be with God and to pray and praise Him :) Its been too long since I spent sometime with Him it will be a great refresher :) and I am looking forward to it :)
I know its not a lot to read but this is what I had on my mind.

Love and Blessings

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Great Weekend!!

Well I haven't blogged in a bit....but first I would like to say "Happy Fathers Day!!" I have had such great influences in my life from my brothers (Dan, Bill). They both have taught me lots and I appreciate them for that! My grandpa was and is a great influence in my life. He has taught me patience and kindness. My grandpa is one of the most patient and gentlest person that I have known. I know he would never raise his hand to me or the rest of my family. Now I know he didn't use to always be like that. But he is now and that's what matters :)

This weekend was also very good. I spent it with Dan and Lauren in Calgary. On Friday night we had supper with mom and Zach. Then we went home and watched a scary movie called "Taken." Then Saturday we slept in till 10 which I haven't done in forever. It was really nice to sleep in :) and then we got up and watched some TV and then went for lunch. usually lunch with Dan, Lauren, and I includes "Sushi" I love sushi! Then we were shopping and we also went to a Salvation Army Thrift Store up in Calgary also. It was way bigger then the one I work in. We also went to "Old Navy" and there I got some Capri/shorts (which I had to return b/c they didn't fit, going to get a size bigger)  and a shirt and a nice hoodie I also got a nice fashionable scarf from "H&M".

After That we went home and I made a YUMMY quinoa salad, and salmon burgers. Then we watched another movie (Bride Wars) and ate a SUPER sized banana split. It was so Good with a capital "G". then we went to bed. We got up at 5:30a.m. and went to the bird sanctuary and saw lots of birds and lots of dear :) Then we went home and I made cupcakes for them and ate some pancakes and then we got ready to take me home. On our way home we stopped at the store and picked up some last minute ingredients for supper and I made "Pirogies Casserole". It was good and then we had "Strawberry Rhubarb Pie" (grandpa's favorite). Now I'm really tired and going to go to bed around 10ish. :)
Anyways that was my really good weekend :)

Love and Blessings
                                   I know this is an old picture but its the most recent I have of them

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Starting Your Day Right.

Well today I'm praising God!! No reason nothing special has happened to me today. I'm just praising Him because its Him!! Why not praise Him? Today when I was listening to Joyce Meyers, She was talking about praying and spending time with God every morning or at least once a day. Well today i spent time with God and prayed. I feel so much better :) She also said that it makes the devil mad when you spend time with God and pray. I love making the devil mad!! lol You also need to declare it to the heavens!! After you do that your days will get easier and easier!!! Man i really need that!! Why should I put up with all this crap the devil gives me. I dont need to take it anymore! We also need to be selfless, just help someone, give them a compliment, a smile, something stop worry about yourself. Get rid of the attitude of "what about me?, what about me?, what about me?," Joyce also said that angels rejoice in sound when we pray. She also said that we each have about 20 angels assigned to us, she said that some of our angels are board because we don't pray lol. Joyce Meyers is an awesome teacher, she isnt a pastor, she is a teacher. Remember to start your day right.

Love and Prayers
John :)

Friday, May 13, 2011


Hey. Good afternoon. I haven't made an blog post for a while. I've had lots to blog about but no time. Well its been a while since I've looked at anything! I'm very proud of that....There has been bumps along the way. But with Gods grace and love I will get through it. :) Also since my last blog post, Grandma and Grandpa have moved into the Manner. That also makes me the homemaker now :) Which I love. I make the suppers and lunches, and I clean, which means i cant be at the store as often as I would like too. But you have to make sacrifices. I have also started going back to bible study, I'm definitely learning a lot from that. We really pray everyday that our house will sell soon!! I really can't wait to move :) then I won't have as much floor or counter space to clean lol. Well that is all I have for now. Hope you all have a great weekend and a great week next week :).

Love and Blessings

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Very Proud!!

Well today my mom got the accountability email and in 10 days it went from 20 or more times to 2 I am very proud of myself and so is my mom :) It hasnt been easy but I have made it 10 days and that is a big acomplishment for me!! thats all I wanted to say today :)

With Love and Care


Monday, April 11, 2011

Was it Worth it?

Well yesterday I realized that I need to re-evaluate my Facebook friends list. Some people dont know how to be quiet or to keep things to themselves. I'm just thinking is honesty the best policy? I was honest but I ost my job beause I was honest. By the way its been 5 days!! im proud of myself for that. and for as whoever told Elaine about this. YOU DON'T KNOW THE WHOLE STORY!!! So whatch what you say!!! Thank you!!! I wrote that post to ask for help and for you not to hold it against me but that is exactly what you did!!! and that makes you not my friend and you are not worthy of my friendship!!
With Pain
and Someone Searching.